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In Healthcare, AI enables accurate diagnosis, streamlining drug discovery, and virtual monitoring of patients added with the big data analysis to develop a personalized patient experience.

Today the world is moving towards digitization of health care data needing personalized and virtual care. There is a constant flow of new, and enriched data based on social determining factors, genetic details, imaging data, and data through the medical devices, and social media. AI capabilities are a great of unleashing the full potential of data for overcoming the greatchallenges. To the physicians we aim to bring a set of accurate diagnostics and enhance their prevention capabilities. There is another goal of improving the operational performance of hospitals, optimizing staffand giving help in reducing the number of readmissions. based on our rich and varied experience we are keen to deliver modern AI capabilities to benefit the health care organizations. The thrust is on automated solutions to bring new possibilities and also in solving varied complex challenges. We want to be a premier and quality reference for all city hospitals and health care organizations to help them become intelligent and better, offering the best in personalized care.